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Welcome to Drumheller Area Health Foundation

The Drumheller Area Health Foundation seeks and administrates funds for the purchase of equipment and the enhancement of existing programs relating to health care in our area, not funded by Alberta Health Care. 


Current News

Cuts For Kids Pledges Garner $1,185 for Baby Warmers 

Published: July 11 at 3:44pm ·

Kimberly Blzin and her mom just came by the office with the pledges from a great #fundraiser on June 27th.  She received support and pledges for cutting her hair to raise money for the Baby Warmers we're currently working to get for the Hospital.  Through the great support of her friends and family - plus a great cut by #BoldEfexxHairShop (located at 376 Centre Street in Drumheller), who cut Kimberly's hair for free -  $1,185 will be supporting the Baby Warmers in our Acute Care in the #DrumhellerHealthCentre. Great job!


Gaye Ross Scholarship Awarded 

Published: Tuesday, 20 December 2016 

A Drumheller student has received a scholarship thanks to the Drumheller Health Centre.

Chelsea Murphy has been awarded the Gaye Ross scholarship to help with her education. Gaye Ross was a nurse several years ago at the Drumheller Health Centre who had a strong passion for the community.  "I wrote an essay to say how I'm following in her foot steps as a nurse and then they awarded me with this scholarship to help with my education" stated recipient Chelsea Murphy. "I'm in my third year of my nursing degree so I still have another year of university and I attend school in Kelowna."

Brad Bilson is a homecare Registered Nurse at the hospital who sat on the selection committee and says her essay was well written. "You could see that the compassion for nursing was evident in her writing and that's basically how we based our decision on" he commented. 

The scholarship was established in 1998 and gives $1000 to those who are choosing a career as a Registered Nurse or as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and is It's administered by the Drumheller Area Health Foundation.

Float for a Cure Drumheller 

Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016


(l-r) Betty Farmer, Shelley and Bud Bixby, Linda Ames, Wendy Poole and Tammy Calderon.

Published: Monday, 11 July 2016 09:38 

Written by Bob Brown for

More than $7,500 is headed to the Drumheller Area Health Foundation to help purchase needed equipment for the hospital thanks to a recent fundraiser.
Musician Jaydee Bixby got family, friends and supporters together on July 2 to float down the Red Deer River and raise money for local health care.
"I had no idea, really, what to expect especially because this was my first time organizing something," he confessed. "I was very pleased. The fact that there were people there, I had no idea who they were, that made me feel good. They had collected pledges and they were there on time; it was fantastic."
"I'd say overall we had maybe 30-40 people down there at the very very end," he added. "We had a few elderly people who maybe weren't as inclined and they weren't really prepared to do the float, but they still came down and got themselves some food and supported the cause."
An after float evening at the Newcastle Hotel drew an average of about 80 people and raised more than $370 just through drink sales, which will be added to the pot.
"I'm super grateful to come from such a caring community," Bixby told 99.5 Drum FM. "I want people to know that this was just the first year and we look forward to many more years of doing this."
If you missed out, you can still make a donation to the River Float For a Cure fund by contacting Linda Ames at the Drumheller Health Centre.

Canada Day Smokie Fundraiser

Date: Friday, July 1, 2016

What a day!  Thank you Drumheller Co-op for making this fundraiser another great success!

 Brittany Funger20160701_131331_002.jpg





Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 02 17 Check for Trauma Stretcher


The staff at the Western Financial Group Drumheller office proudly presented a cheque for over $877.00 from the Western Communities Foundation to the Drumheller Area Health Foundation, to use at the Drumheller Health Centre to help purchase the Emergency Room's new Trauma Stretcher.

Roxanne Clark, Assistant Branch Manager of the Western Financial Group/Drumheller-Morrin-Hanna said that this donation was to express their appreciation and demonstrate their support for the western communities "where we live and work."  The Western Communities Foundation was founded in 2002.

Roxanne went on to say, “Our mission is to give back to the communities that we live and work in through a variety of charitable programs focused on public health, public housing, education and recreation. 

This year, we were pleased to partner with the Drumheller Area Health Foundation and contribute $877.00 to their efforts to purchase a trauma stretcher for the ER.  The Foundation is a perfect example of donating to programs focused on public health in our community."

The staff at the Drumheller Western Financial Group branch contribute to Casual Fridays, paying $2 to wear jeans throughout the year as well as having small fundraisers such as bake sales and BBQs.  Annually, on the last Wednesday in May, you’ll see their staff doing a 5K walk on Support the Cause day to raise awareness and collect donations for the Foundation.  Western donates $50 for each employee that participates, as well as matching individual fundraising efforts within the branch.

Past recipients of the grant include the Badlands Community Facility, defibrillators for the Drumheller Memorial Arena and Drumheller Kidsport.

Pictured L-R:  Kendra Sommerville, Joenelle Humphrey, Roxanne Clark, Linda Aames and Rod Fox, Branch Manager.





Date: Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gus Mattheis.JPGIt is with great sorrow that we bid goodbye to one of our board members. His was a voice of reason and great thoughtfulness. Gus, you will be sorely missed. 

Gustav Mattheis, son of Daniel and Caroline Mattheis, brother of Edwin (Ruth)Mattheis, Anne (Harvey) Miller, Irma (Henry) Debre, and Art Mattheis and beloved husband of June Mattheis, of Scapa, Alberta passed into eternity September 29th, 2015 while farming the land and loving the beauty of the Alberta fall.

Gus was born in Hanna in 1942, and raised 4 miles west of his home of the last 50+ years. He stewarded and maintained a love of the land his father Daniel came to in 1923. He attended school in Scapa and proceeded to obtain his Diesel Mechanics certification from the Southern Alberta Institute of technology (SAIT).

Gus had great love and commitment to family - both immediate, extended, and grafted.

An agricultural innovator, Gus was an AI technician and applied his skills to build a purebred Charolais herd from a Hereford based herd, always holding productivity over pedigree. Similarly, he was an avid supporter of crop rotation; stewardship of the land was one of Gus’s true passions.

Gus was a member of many community organizations, including 4-H, the Drumheller Health Board, and he even endured a stint in politics, running for the Social Credit party in 1993. He was a deeply spiritual man who practiced his faith in all aspects of his life.

Horses were never far from the barn, and few weeks went by without Gus’s saddle getting a workout. Gus trained many horses, and enjoyed setting up a gymkhana ring to practice for horse shows. In addition, Wilderness Ranch Camp in Clarsholm was a special place for Gus and the family who spent many summers on horseback in the foothills of the Rockies. Only a broken hip kept Gus from regular horseback riding and he was delighted to return to the saddle upon his recovery.

Gus’s love of music was known by anyone who sat near him in church, the Scapa Christmas Concert, or spontaneous singing at home. Many nights at home were spent tinkering on the piano, “experimenting” with a guitar, or convincing the kids to sing along.

A private family graveside service was held on Monday, October 5, 2015 at St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery, Scapa, AB with Pastor Grant Sikstrom officiating.

God speed, dear friend.


 Drumheller 2015 Roadshow 

Date: Monday April 13, 2015

The Drumheller Palliative Care Committee at the Drumheller Health Centre in partnership with the Drumheller Area Health Foundation hosted the Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association for an workshop entitled 'The Final Journey: Becoming a Compassionate Companion'. 

The Venue was at the Badlands Community Facility and was catered by Sublime of Drumheller.  Cindy Stelmaschuk, the coordinator for the Drumheller Palliative Care Committee told the Foundation Board that the event was a truly great success.


Cenovus helps Drumheller Area Health Foundation purchase much needed equipment


(Left to right) Rachelle Demoskoff, community investment advisor with Cenovus Energy Inc., Dr. Boris Nahornick, foundation chair; and Nancy Guntrip, site leader of the Drumheller Health Centre. Photo submitted.

Thanks to a generous donation from Cenovus Energy Inc., the Drumheller Health Centre's operating room was able to purchase some much needed equipment.

Cenovus Community Investment donated $25,000 towards the Drumheller Area Health Foundation, who purchased laparoscopic surgery equipment. This includes a monitor and high-definition camera with controller system. The total cost of the suite of equipment topped $58,000.

"This is a large screen monitor, so when the surgeon is performing laparoscopic surgery, he's really able to hone in and see what's happening," said Drumheller Area Health Foundation secretary, Linda Ames.

"This supports safety and well-being in our communities, it's a major focus of Cenovus and they were able to come on board and donate towards this great thing.

Ames added the highly technical equipment will allow very intricate surgeries, will also allow Drumheller to recruit and keep highly trained surgeons and allow the population access to top-notch care in their own community.

"At Cenovus, we believe in working with the people who inspire, lend a hand and make communities strong. Safety and well-being is a major focus of our Community Affairs Program. By supporting organizations like the Drumheller Area Health Foundation, our goal is to help promote a safe and healthy community, one of the building blocks ensuring a strong community," said Rachelle Demoskoff, community investment advisor at Cenovus.

- See more at:

The Tree of Hope 

December 14, 2014

We had a great turnout for our memorial ceremony.  


Purdy's Chocolate Fundraiser is a big success!


Thanks to all the people with a sweet tooth, the Drumheller Area Health Foundation has been able to earn over $1280 in profit to put toward their newest fundraising project. (Orders may be picked up on December 3rd at the Drumheller Health Centre.)

The latest need for the Drumheller Health Centre is new Sterilization Equipment!  With all the new surgical equipment that has been purchased for the operating room lately (especially the Laparoscopic equipment and monitor thanks to all who've supported those purchases) we need to keep our surgery room running smoothly, avoiding delays for those in need.  The Sterilization Equipment for our surgical equipment in not only used by the Drumheller Health Centre, but by other units in the Central Region - so it helps those in Three Hills and Hanna as well!  

You can help us with this project by donating to the Drumheller Area Health Foundation.  All the funds donated to our Foundation, stay in the Drumheller Area to help with the need you want.  Thanks for your support!

Movember at the Chop Shop

November 28th, 2014


The staff at the Chop Shop was able to bring in $2,232 from their Movember fundraiser on November 28th.  Great Job Cathy Morse!

 Drumheller Health Centre receives Maternal Infant monitors

September 15, 2014


(Pictured: Amanda Jensen, licensed practical nurse, left, and Nancy Guntrip, Site Manager, display the maternal infant monitor in the labour and delivery unit at the Drumheller Health Centre.)

A maternal infant monitor on the labour and delivery unit at the Drumheller Health Centre is helping medical staff keep an eye on the health of moms and their babies during birth.  

The maternal infant monitor is a sensor belt placed around mom’s belly while she’s in labour.“The belt picks up the baby’s heart rate and the strength of the contractions,” says Nancy Guntrip, Site Manager of the Drumheller Health Centre. “It also has telemetry monitoring ability, meaning it’s wireless, so it allows mom to walk around during labour, while allowing us to continue viewing the readings onscreen – it’s nice to give mom this option, especially during a longer labour.”

The monitor costs nearly $30,000 and, thanks to fundraising and donations to the Drumheller Area Health Foundation, two new machines are on order, joining a pair already at the health centre.  The new monitors will be a welcome addition to the family at the health care facility.

“We have three labour and delivery rooms but only two monitors,” says Guntrip. “We’re certainly excited to be getting two more, so each room will now have its own monitor and we’ll have a fourth for backup.

”Measuring vital signs is beneficial for mom and baby so staff can better judge how both are doing.  

“It’s really nice for moms having the monitoring equipment because it lessens some of the stress and strain of birth by knowing their baby is doing fine,” explains Guntrip.

“It certainly helps our staff as well because we can see right away how both mom and baby are doing and take immediate action if difficulties become apparent."

The monitor is also beneficial because it can monitor two heartbeats at once – obviously valuable during multiple births.  

Boris Nahornick, Chair of the Drumheller Area Health Foundation, is happy the newest additions to the area are receiving such vital care.  “Our community is wonderful in getting behind different causes and puts in a lot of time and effort to help us bring worthwhile and meaningful health care to our community and patients,”says Nahornick.

(published in ZoneNews by Alberta Health Services) 

Quilting in the Badlands launched with Great Success

July 14, 2014


The Quilting in the Badlands quilt Festival (July 3-8, 2014) was a great success and has raised over fourteen-thousand dollars for the Drumheller Health Centre's obstetrics program. The proceeds of this fundraising event was earmarked to purchase two labour monitors for the hospital's obstetrics department and surpassed their goal of $60,000, due in part to the the quilters’ fundraising gala evening July 4, the sale of quilts, donations and fees collected over the four-day quilt festival.




The Chop Shop's 'Swan Song' the greatest fundraiser yet for Cuts for Cancer

February 3, 2014


What a day at the Chop Shop's Cuts for Cancer! Cathy, her cancer-fighting crew and a bunch of local participants raised over $37,000 (with more donations continuing to come in!)  What a great job people!

All funds raised will go to the Palliative Care unit at the Drumheller Health Centre.

Cathy Morse told the Drumheller Area Health Foundation members that after 10 years, this will be the last time she heads up the event but hopes to have another salon take over where she left off.

In the past 10 years, Cathy has led the area to earn almost $200,000 for Palliative Care and the Community Cancer clinic here in Drumheller.  Well done!  What a great legacy by this dedicated woman.


Upcoming Events

 Gaye Ross Scholarship 2017 Is Accepting Applications

Close Date: Midnight Saturday, September 1, 2017 - Foundation office, Drumheller Health Centre, Drumheller Alberta.

Candidates are again being accepted for the $1000 scholarship.  The Education Committee will meet and make a selection by September 30th of this year to select the winning candidate for the Gaye Ross Scholarship. 

Candidates must be entering or presently enrolled in an R.N. or R.P.N. program.  Proof of acceptance must be provided.  They must present, in written form, an explanation on why they are deserving of this award and must reside within a defined geographic area. 

For more information on criteria for this award, please go to our website and print up an application form or pick one up at our office at 351 - 9th St. NW, Drumheller AB T0J 0Y1.  Forms must be submitted to the Foundation office no later than midnight September 1, 2017.


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