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Welcome to Drumheller Area Health Foundation

The Drumheller Area Health Foundation seeks and administrates funds for the purchase of equipment and the enhancement of existing programs relating to health care in our area, not funded by Alberta Health Care. 


Current News

The Changing of the Guard

 Linda Ames, the Foundation Administrative Secretary, is retiring today.  After 12+ years, she's going to be starting a more 'volunteer' oriented presence with the Foundation office.  In her place Chelsi Petersen will be moving into the Secretary's chair.  You'll be seeing more of her as office hours are going to be 8:30am to 3:00pm Tuesday and Thursday, and on Wednesday hours will be 8:30am to 11am.  You can still contact Chelsi at 403-820-7860 or at 

The Board of Directors with to thank Linda for her years of faithful service to the Foundation and wish her well on her retirement.    


The 24th Annual Tree of Hope


We would like to Thank everyone who donated to The Tree of Hope!  We would like to let everyone know that if you have an ornament on the tree you are able to pick it up.  We will be keeping the ornaments in the Drumheller Area Health Foundation office and Chelsi will be there Tues & Thurs 8:30pm to 3pm and Wed 8:30am to 11:00am to help you in receiving it.  we will have them in the office until Jan 31, 2019!

Thank you and all the Best in the New Year!

Each year the people of our community open their hearts and support the Palliative Care unit a the Drumheller Hospital by donating to the Tree of Hope Campaign.  Purchase an Ornament in Memory of or in Honor of a dear one.  Hang the ornament on the Tree in the Hospital hallway to commemorate the Hope you wish to share.  Donations over $20 will result in both an ornament and a card of greetings to the person of your choice.  The ornaments will be yours to take or give away, as you wish.

 A Commemorative Service will be on December 9th at 3pm in the Chapel of the Hospital when we light the Tree and fondly remember those we love during the holiday season. 

 Donations may be made to the receptionist on duty at the hospital admitting desk, the Foundation office or to the Site Administration secretary, Kathy Dudley. 

 Thank you for giving the gift of hope. 




July 1st, Canada Day Smokie Event - Sponsored by the Drumheller Coop 


Drumheller Palliative Care Volunteers had another great Canada Day Smokie event!  The Drumheller Coop, in support of the Palliative Care Volunteers and the Palliative Care Unit at the Drumheller Hospital chipped in and supplied all the sausages, trimmings, drinks and cupcakes to make this year's Canada Day even better.  This year's fundraising topped $1452.00, all of which will go directly into our Drumheller Hospital's Palliative Care unit.    All our thanks to the great people at the Drumheller Coop/Westview Cooperative Association and Grimm's Fine Foods for their great products and assistance in making this a success every year. 



RB Corporate Volunteering 2018.jpg

 RBC Corporate Volunteers Donate Hours and Money to the Drumheller Health Centre

Published June 20, 2018/Submitted by Linda Krieger, Volunteer Resources Coordinator

The Royal Bank employees of the Drumheller branch returned again this year to do corporate volunteering!

The evening of June 19th 6 wonderful employees came in to wash down all the chairs, picnic tables, BBQ’s and cleaned all of the outside sitting areas off of the continuing care pods.  Everything is nice and clean and ready for our staff and residents to enjoy.

Their volunteer hours will be submitted, in return the Royal bank will donate money in kind to the Drumheller Area Health Foundation for the efforts of their employees for engaging in their community through volunteering.

If you know any of these lovely people in the photo, give them a big thank you the next time you see them.



The Chop Shop Reboots the Cuts for a Cause

Published June 20, 2018


THE CHOP SHOP rebooted their annual fundraiser is support of the Drumheller Area Health Foundation! New name.. Cuts 4 a Cause. The day netted over $1,250 with 100% of receipts donated directly to our Drumheller Hospital's GREATEST NEED.  The day started at 10am and went to 3pm with smokies and great cuts.  Thank you Drumheller for supporting the #DrumFoundation for the Hospital's greatest needs.


Hip-Hop for a Cure 2nd Event!

Published March 30, 2018

Frank Boltz, Raw Star Entertainment and friends had their 2nd Annual Hip-Hop for a Cure at the Border Crossing Pub.  Thank you to all for your commitment!  Sounds like you had an awesome time and a successful fundraiser.

  Shae Lane awarded the 2018

Gaye Ross Memorial Scholarship


Published Nov 2018


The Drumheller Area Health Foundation was pleased to award Shae Lane of Hussar AB with the 2018 Gaye Ross Memorial Scholarship.  Shae received a $1,500.00 bursary to help continue with her education.

She currently studies at the University of Calgary in the facility of nursing. She plans to return to the valley to work in health care after she earns her degree. 

 The scholarship is presented annually in memory of Gaye Ross, a nurse at the former Drumheller Hospital. Every September we receive applicants that write an essay and we review them.  Congratulations Shae and all the Best to you!

 If you're interested in applying for next year's scholarship or you'd just like a bit more information on criteria for this award, please go to our website and print up an application form or pick one up at our office at 351 - 9th St. NW, Drumheller AB T0J 0Y1.  Forms must be submitted to the Foundation office no later than midnight September 1 2019.



The Latest Gaye Ross Scholarship will be awarded on October 24th for 2017 

Published October 17, 2017

The winning candidate will be awarded their scholarship at the Drumheller Health Centre on Tuesday, October 24th.  Check back at that time to find out who the lucky scholar is.

If you're interested in applying for next year's scholarship or you'd just like a bit more information on criteria for this award, please go to our website and print up an application form or pick one up at our office at 351 - 9th St. NW, Drumheller AB T0J 0Y1.  Forms must be submitted to the Foundation office no later than midnight September 1 2018.


 Heart to Heart Society donation for LifePack 15 2017 10 17b.jpg

The #HeartToHeartSociety of Drumheller donate $18,236.00 to fund the purchase of a Life Pack 15 for the Drumheller Health Center Operating Room. 

Published October 17, 2017

Pictured here are:  Second Row: John Liley,  Flo Moffatt, Coleen Gordon, Trevor Gough, Tom Diprose, Colleen MacDonald  Front Row: Linda Ames, Sterling Martin, Dr. R. Ram, Barb Penner and Irene Kohut.  


Cuts For Kids Pledges Garner $1,185 for Baby Warmers 

Published: July 11 at 3:44pm ·

Kimberly Blzin and her mom just came by the office with the pledges from a great #fundraiser on June 27th.  She received support and pledges for cutting her hair to raise money for the Baby Warmers we're currently working to get for the Hospital.  Through the great support of her friends and family - plus a great cut by #BoldEfexxHairShop (located at 376 Centre Street in Drumheller), who cut Kimberly's hair for free -  $1,185 will be supporting the Baby Warmers in our Acute Care in the #DrumhellerHealthCentre. Great job!





This Year's Fundraising Efforts are to Improve the Intensive Care Unit

November 2018 update

This year we are raising money to purchase a upgrades for our Intensive Care Unit.  The Foundation’s Board of Directors approved the funding for a Ventilator in the ICU of our hospital.  This will cost about $36,000 and is a full feature, intensive care ventilator that combines both invasive and noninvasive modes with additional options such as high flow oxygen therapy.  It will be able to be used in any size patient - even our youngest if needed. 

 With it's compact design it is ideal for use in both the delivery room as well as the intensive care unit, and the emergency ward.  This is the same unit that is used by STARS so will facilitate transitioning from one medical team to another in a very smooth manner for the patient in crisis. 

Next we hope to raise enough money to pay for 4 new, state-of-the-art patient beds for that area.  $96,000 is needed for this purpose. 
Last but not least, the hospital is in need of a Wound Evacuator for our critical Emergency needs.  This tool is used to flush out wounds more completely, which will speed healing for people who’ve received serious injury.  This would cost $23,000.  It is currently being rented from Red Deer when needed .  This adds many days to each patient’s hospitalization, not to speak of the additional costs to the hospital for rent and transportation.
Please support the Drumheller Area Health Foundation.  In doing so, you will help us reach our goal of improving the Intensive Care Unit.  Help us improve Drumheller health care this year by donating to the Greatest Need fund or the area of your choice. 
P: 403.820.7860F: 403.823.5857E:
Drumheller Area Health Foundation, 351 9th Street NW, Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y1
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